New single that is in fact one of my old classic songs that's been remixed and remastered. It's a SKA/Punk song about how cable tv was the highlight of the relationship.

Credit to Tracy Thomas on Unsplash for the photo I used as album art.

This is an electronic song called 'Ess Oh Ess!' that I made for the Youtube channel Dashcam Karlstad.

I usually write and record metal, punkrock, reggae & ska.

It's finally time for the world to hear these totally awesome metal tunes I was a part of creating over 10 years ago!

Now, remixed & remastered!

As a bonus while remixing and remastering the "Louder Than Words" EP, I decided to do the same to all our old songs that never got released at all.

Mad credit to my friend Angelica for letting me use her photos as album art.

The "Louder Than Words" EP was the last official release from "Tomorrows The Same" before they disbanded.

It was burnt onto CD-Rs and handed out to friends and family.

But now, finally, after years of collecting dust!

The EP has been remixed, remastered and is available to everyone worldwide!!

The single "Blended" from the "Louder Than Words" EP with a bonus version that has a alternative guitar solo.

(This link takes you directly to the version with the alt. guitar solo)

This is my old ska band 'The Sancho Panzas Orchestra's self-titled EP. We were a nine piece high-energy ska band & the most fun I've ever had in a band.

My duties consisted of lead vocals, guitar, songwriting and horn arrangements.

This is one of my best friends projects and it's totally awesome!

It's a kind of  lo-fi indiepop with influences from the 60s & 70s.

I play drums on these tracks.

Particle SWE - Joelbitar

With official permission from the songs creator, Mats Nörklit, here's my cover of the signature to the tv-show Joelbitar!

Senbei - Robot race (Particle SWE remix)

Remix of the song used as intro on the DLC podcast with Jeff Cannata & Christian Spicer.